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The Ceramic Studio
at the Talpiyot Mizrach & Arnona Hatzira Community Center


About the classes


Sparks of creativity ignite every ceramics class. Beginners enthusiastically learn four basic techniques of forming clay.  Starting with the ancient art of pinch pots and coiling, the first projects may have organic texture and asymmetrical form.  However as the learning process continues, more sleek projects are made using slab building technique.  The last technique is sculpture whereby a ball of clay is formed into a 3 dimensional creation - typically an animal.  Using and interchanging these four techniques with each project, students progress into more experienced ceramicists.  

And yet with no prior artistic experience, students are often surprised to discover their innate untapped creative talents. Focusing on the process.  Feeling the clay in their hands, pinch by pinch and coil by coil, the rest of life is put aside for just a few hours while each one connects to and explores their personal creative potential.  Project after project, that connection deepens into a deeply satisfying relationship with oneself.


Working side by side with other perhaps more experienced students, creativity bounces from one to another and yet another.  Friendships formed with clay transcend any background you can imagine.  We are a community of artists with a common desire to spend a few precious hours creating beautiful, inspiring objects that adorn our lives and the lives of others. 

Now forever a student of the ceramic arts, Francine Bork Strausberg is excited to share this gift of creativity, paying it forward by offering these classes others.   As a beginning student at the Jerusalem Ceramic Art Center some years ago, Mallory Serebrin taught Francine these same basic techniques.  And like students who follow her, she too was amazed at the hidden creativity that emerged from that first class.  Today, she uses these techniques with a variety of clays and glazes to perfect what is seemingly simple while venturing more and more into complex creations.

  This special community welcomes the beginner, novice and experienced ceramicist to explore and share your creativity with us.

For more information or to make an appointment to visit the new studio, contact Francine at 054-7980813 or email

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Classes & Workshops



Learn all the basic techniques of hand building with clay - pinch pots, coiling, slab building, sculpture & glazing

Tuesday 6:00-9:00pm 
limit 8 students

390 ILS / month
plus 300 ILS materials

Classes from Sept to June


Level 2

Prior experience required.  Individual must be able to work independently with limited supervision

One 3 hour class
& 3 hours open studio time per week

limit 6 students

500 ILS / month
plus clay & firing fees

Classes from Sept to June & Open Studio all year round


Level 3

Experienced potters and ceramicist who work independently with no supervision. These members will have access to the studio up to 3 times per week (excluding class & workshop times) 

from 600 ILS
per month 
plus clay & firing fees

All year round


ages 8-13

Learn all the basic techniques of hand building with clay - pinch pots, coiling, slab building, sculpture & glazing

Tuesday 4:00-5:30pm
limit 8 children

290 ILS
includes all costs

Classes from Sept to June

For Private classes and group workshops,
contact Francine at 054-7980813


Francine's Stoneware
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